9 thoughts on “Coming soon…

  1. Clever spicy adaptation of this classic decadent dessert! I have never made these although every time I see a recipe I resolve to . . . however your photos and the spice kick have inspired me to make them this week! Lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! They are quite easy to make…The only tricky bit is the cooking time, it has to be right, otherwise the cakes will solidify too much…Just check on them while they are cooking and your lava cakes will be perfect! 😉 Let me know…

      1. I imagine that to be true and also each oven and each climate is different depending upon where you live. I am forever peeking into my oven with the door open to check things, I never rely on recipes, so thanks for the heads up. I did make a tea cake once and stuck a chocolate bar that was about 2 inches thick inside the batter, and it was a molten tea cake and then as the days passed it turned into a tea cake with a dense fudge center! Yum! Great to meet you and I look forward to reading around your blog!

      2. Of course, not all the ovens cook in the same way and there are so many things that can affect the result in a recipe….I’m glad to help, whenever I can.
        I like the idea of a chocolate bar inside a cake! 🙂 Nice to meet you!

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