Is it just me or…

Having a camera can make you notice things that often would go unnoticed (I know, I often say this). Then looking at your photographs you realize you have a tendency to photograph a certain colour and a certain subject. Nature has always fascinated me and blue flowers attracted me the most.  I’m not quite sure why, but when I go out as soon as I see a blue flower I feel the urge to photograph it.  Does it happen to you? 🙂

This is probably the right season to take pictures of blue flowers here, as they are pretty much everywhere at the moment in Italy. What I find interesting is the fact that there are a few flowers that have a similar shade of light purplish-blue, and yet they are all so different in shape from one another.

Here I used different points of view to get various perspectives to make the photographic compositions a bit more interesting. In the first picture, I shot through a leaf (which was out of focus) to add a soft green shade to the image. I often use a soft focus to convey emotions. Back in the days, one of my photography tutors often pointed out the importance of a picture in focus… This, of course, depends on the message you are trying to give with your photography… I think soft focus and sometimes movement can be used to make images more effective and emotionally charged. What do you think about it?

Does an image need to be in focus to work?


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