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I'm not quite as sexy as Nigella Lawson, or a proper chef like Jamie Oliver, but if you like to browse for hours cookbooks and wander through recipes and photographs, then this is the site for you. To find out more please visit my photographic portfolio: Non sono proprio sexy come Nigella Lawson, o un vero chef come Jamie Oliver, ma se anche a voi piace sfogliare per ore libri di cucina e perdervi tra ricette e fotografie, allora questo è il sito giusto per voi. Se volete saperne di più potete visitare il mio potfolio fotografico a questo indirizzo :

IPA and PX3 Awards 2019.

Bronze Award for Nature/Flowers at the PX3 in Paris and Honorable Mention at the IPA Awards 2019.
I’m extremely grateful!

Helichrysum with a Blue Campanula Platycodon

So many awards in a few years, I couldn’t be happier! Never give up! This means I have to work harder…Through my pictures, in my studio, I can reach the truest and the most intimate part of my being…Where I feel completely at ease and where I can finally say, I’m in the right place, I’m home. This is the whole point. But I know, I can go even deeper.
Thank you to all my friends that supported me and my work.

Red Alstroemeria & new work coming up!

I just love the vibrant colour of these wonderful Alstroemeria flowers…I think it’s quite an unusual shade of red and really works with the green and yellow in the composition.

What do you think? Do you agree? 🙂 I also think it works better in detail.

…more flower photography on the way!