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I'm not quite as sexy as Nigella Lawson, or a proper chef like Jamie Oliver, but if you like to browse for hours cookbooks and wander through recipes and photographs, then this is the site for you. To find out more please visit my photographic portfolio: Non sono proprio sexy come Nigella Lawson, o un vero chef come Jamie Oliver, ma se anche a voi piace sfogliare per ore libri di cucina e perdervi tra ricette e fotografie, allora questo è il sito giusto per voi. Se volete saperne di più potete visitare il mio potfolio fotografico a questo indirizzo :

Red Cabbage With Onion

I don’t know why but I never really see my still life works as still life photographs….I usually consider them more like portraits or landscapes. Still life may suggest something still, therefore lifeless…I like to consider my photographs very much alive, or at least this is what I am trying to achieve with my work. In this photograph I worked on colours and texture in order to bring the subject to life.


Camera Nikon D 800

ISO 100

Aperture f/16

Shutter speed 1/60

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Yellow Bell Pepper With Treviso Chicory

I am continuing The Corner Series of my Personal Project, using a corner made of two black painted canvases, in order to achieve a strong sense of perspective. Inspired by Irving Penn’s wonderful corner portraits.


Camera Nikon D 800

Iso 100

Aperture f/ 20

Shutter Speed 1/60s