How are you?

How are you? I just wanted to say hello! It has been a while…I wanted to write something, but I didn’t quite know what to say. This is such a difficult time. We are all dealing with uncertanty and fear and at the same time, we are trying to get things done, while adapting to new realities.

In Italy, as you know, we have been in lockdown for some time. I’m currently teaching online. I had to learn how to do it quickly, just like many other teachers. I live in an apartment with my dog and two cute cats. I talk to my friends on video and with my lovely neighbour on my balcony :-).

I’ve decided to spend most of my time in lockdown to learn new skills. This is helpful, it keeps my mind occupied and relaxes me. Photography is also very helpful when I face hard times, so you’ll probably see me a bit more often on this blog, from now on, as I’m thinking to start a lockdown project.

I just hope that you are all well and safe.  If anyone needs to talk, I’ll be here. I’ll be available. Stay safe at home and use creativity in order to feel free.

Lots of love from Italy XX



6 thoughts on “How are you?

    1. Hi AmyRose! So nice to see you here, thank you for writing!! ❤ I wanted to share my own exeriences and talk a bit about lockdown, to see how everyone is doing. How are you? All my love XX ❤

  1. Ciao Serena io vivo in Australia I’ll pericolo e ovunque ma ringraziamo a dio O pianto tanto Ma non dobbiamo rinnegare che la vita e Bellissima continua a scrivere In inglese io in Italian grazie dell pensiero Bacio raffaela

    1. Ciao Raffaella, grazie mille di avermi scritto! Hai ragione, bisogna cercare di reagire. Deve essere difficile stare lontani dai familiari in un momento come questo. In Italia la vita va avanti, nonostante tutto. Le persone si sono create delle routine per affrontare la giornata e hanno dimostrato tanta forza. E’ importante continuare a parlare e ascoltare, malgrado la distanza…resta in contatto, mi farebbe molto piacere. Ti abbraccio forte!!! Serena

  2. In Australia Le cose vanno molto Bene tutti obbediscono Le regole fra poco apriranno Le spiagge ma con regole se no multe come a detto I’ll professore shienziato Scomparira come e Venuto incrociamo Le dita ciao a presto raffaela

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