Food Photography

Introduction to my personal project.

A still life setup to me is like a miniature theatre, one in which you can experiment with shapes, textures and light in order to create something unique. This small theatre is a creative playground where anything is possible and with a little imagination any ordinary object can be used to bring a character and a story to life.
When I shoot still life with food I generally approach it with a playful spirit; I usually choose subject and setting following my instinct and mood, in this way everything comes together quite naturally. This project started just like that; a playful challenge in which I would shoot and publish a different picture on my blog every day, in order to put my skills and creativity to the test. However, It soon evolved into something much more challenging, after my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had to take a step back from everything and dedicate most of my time to help my family. Photography, however, has always represented a happy place, where I could freely express myself and also take shelter, whenever I felt like it. This was true even during one of the worst times of my life, therefore I decided to continue the project, when possible, despite the circumstances. Unfortunately my father passed away in July 2015, just two months after being diagnosed. Following this painful time my project inevitably became more and more meaningful to me.I soon realised that my still life work wasn’t just about taking nice pictures of food, but was really a way to express my love for nature and life itself, while trying to look at ordinary things from a new perspective.
I am currently continuing the project, which I am sure will be subjected to changes, just like me, and eventually become a different project, and maybe a new start.

Pics from the recipes

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More photography on my website:Β www.serenacarminati.com

40 thoughts on “Food Photography

    1. Thank you Nino! You know, I have been a photographer on board of cruise ships for two years. When I was at sea I missed the fact that I couldn’t cook. Life at sea can be really tough, it’s nice to see that you have a little time for blogging and shooting.:-)

      1. Ohh thanks for telling your story, I wish to work on a cruise ship, and if my job onboard is a photographer… That would be a dream come true. You are really right about the life onboard, I’m glad that shooting and blogging helps me alot in surviving a 6 months contract.

  1. I’ve always loved the photography on your blog– so clean and crisp and colorful. It always focuses on the food, not the trappings around it. Your pizza dough was my favorite– exquisite.

    1. Thank you Rhonda for your support!!! πŸ™‚ It’s really what I am trying to do with my photography. I have to write the second part on the pizza dough, with some recipes with sourdough. I probably write it this week. Have a great week! πŸ™‚

    1. Grazie mille Stefano! Uno dei taglieri che uso spesso apparteneva a mia nonna, quindi probabilmente traspare del sentimento in piΓΉ in quelle foto. πŸ™‚ Complimenti per il blog! Mi piacciono molto le tue foto!

  2. Wow! Per me vince quella in bianco e nero della frusta. Ma anche quella dei melograni mi emoziona molto. Sono tutte bellissime, Continua così c!

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