My Grandmother’s Pasta Machine

I still remember the aroma of home-made tortellini coming from my grandmother’s kitchen, at my grandparents’  apartment, which is where I live now. The texture is different from any pasta I have ever eaten since then. The pasta was thicker, not very smooth and would melt in the mouth easily, unleashing a feast of comforting flavours. The meat in the filling was lean but very tasty and the broth, in which the tortellini were served, was very warm and intense.

The aroma would remain in the apartment for hours after the meal. I can still clearly smell it now, in my memories.

Today, I am using the same kitchen, the same sink (an old-fashioned genoese marble model with all the stains) and the same pasta machine that was used by my grandmother to prepare her “famous” home-made tortellini…









13 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Pasta Machine

  1. Serena, I love this post. I love your description of your apartment, the machine, the sink, the smell of the tortellini in it’s warm tasty broth. You are so fortunate to have such lovely memories and to still be in the same place your grandparent’s were, using the same kitchen and same pasta machine. So charming.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I am very fortunate… And I have to thank my grandmother and my mother for this…By the way, happy Women’s Day! 🙂

  2. Lovely post, Serena. Love the photos and your reminiscence of your grandparents. How lucky to inherit not only their apartment, but your grandma’s pasta maker as well. I have one similar, but it’s not vintage nor full of sentimental values like yours.

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