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Why spontaneity is a gift.

Despite what some people might think, spontaneity doesn’t always come naturally to us….as we tend to adopt different strategies to interact with other people or avoid confrontations. We might also do this with ourselves, as a sabotaging strategy, without realizing it, to escape certain realities that make us feel uncomfortable. But pushing the boundaries often requires us to come out from our comfort zone, in order to grow.

As a dyslexic individual, I’ve always had a tendency to hide my weaknesses, as I grew up in an educational environment where I couldn’t be myself. Since then things have changed and I’m so happy about it because dyslexic individuals nowadays can talk more openly about their weaknesses and celebrate their unique strengths. This is why I believe becoming more aware and proud of our true nature is so important. Photography can be a great way to improve self-awareness and spontaneity.

What’s your point of view on this? What are the pros and cons of spontaneity?