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Unpublished Works

I have been looking at my previous works, trying to understand where to go from here. I am currently doing some maintenance and backup work on my computer, also improving some editing. There are a few pictures from my unpublished works that I’d like to share with you. Comments are welcome, as always 🙂

DSC_5077 copy


DSC_6191 copy


Food Photography : Red Cabbage With Kitchen Knife


It’s a red cabbage…But I see a warrior! 😉

For the setup I used one light and a white board on the opposite side, in order to balance the light and get more details in the dark areas.

Food Photography: Onion With Pastry Cutter


Continuing my project but changing a few things…I hope you enjoy the post! 🙂

Behind the scenes.

For this picture I used a blue and a black board on each side. I used the black board to stop the light from falling onto the subject (on the left), while the blue board added some colour on the reflection (on the right).

NIKON D800, 80mm lens, aperture ƒ/8, speed 100s,  I SO 100.