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Yellow Bell Pepper With Treviso Chicory

I am continuing The Corner Series of my Personal Project, using a corner made of two black painted canvases, in order to achieve a strong sense of perspective. Inspired by Irving Penn’s wonderful corner portraits.


Camera Nikon D 800

Iso 100

Aperture f/ 20

Shutter Speed 1/60s

Cauliflower With Garlic Skin


Part of my Personal Project. 

You can follow this project here or on my Facebook pages




Camera Nikon D 800

ISO 100

Shutter speed 1/60 s

Aperture f /20

Lens 50 mm

Only A Few Days To Vote! :-)

You have until 10th of April to vote for the People’s Choice Award

Two of my images are in the Cream of the Crop category!!

If you like my work, please take a minute to vote! Thank you so much!! ❤


The People’s Choice 2016