Taking care of the garden

Each year I travel by train in order to plant new trees in my mother’s garden. This year I had to plant several trees and I decided to make a visual diary of my trip.
I think it’s very important to replace old sick trees with new ones, it’s good for the environment and good for the garden. The weather in Italy is very good this year, fruit trees are already blooming, so there is quite a lot of work that needs to be done. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy gardening! 🙂

SER_3463 SER_3464 SER_3467 SER_3479 SER_3480 SER_3483 SER_3488 SER_34911

5 thoughts on “Taking care of the garden

    1. Thank you so much! I also have a very small coniferous forest, I call it my portable forest! 😉 These small trees are waiting to be planted in the right spot, but it will take a few years before they are ready and strong enough to face our dry and hot summers. Yes, basically my balcony is a ” nursery” for all sort of young trees! 😉

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