Looking up…

Sunday morning spent looking up…
Easy, relaxing shots. My kind of yoga exercise…slowly getting into my daily routine!
A 50 mm lens changes everything, style and prospettive, getting farther away from the subject and giving the opportunity of using empty space, to draw the viewer attention through the composition.

6 thoughts on “Looking up…

    1. Is it Arizona? Yes, a giant Magnolia flower…Magnialia trees really fascinate me, they are stunning plants. In Italy there are plenty and this is the best season to photograph them, to photograph plants in general.
      It’s real pelasure to walk around Genoa and I wanted to express a bit of this feeling through my photographs. I hope I’ve managed to do that.

  1. Absolutely beautiful..

    it makes me so happy to see the flowers we have met during our walks.

    Nature in town…flowers singing in the middle of these palazzi genovesi

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