Vegan Menu (High In Fibre And Vegetable Protein)

This week I am inviting you to try this truly delicious vegan menu, for everyone who enjoys tasty and healthy food! Click on the pictures or links  to view all the recipes.

A lots of wonderful colours and flavours in this menu!

A menu for 2-3 servings

Home-made Hummus


Insalapizza (Pizza-Salad) 


Crunchy and Colourful Salad.


Rich Chocolate Tart With Fresh Raspberries.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Menu (High In Fibre And Vegetable Protein)

  1. While I don’t think I could ever become a vegetarian or vegan full-time, hubby and I have decided to consciously eat less meat every week (good for us, good for the planet) and this looks delicious! 🙂

    1. Yes, I don’t eat meat for the same reasons. Occasionally, however, I eat fish. I find it difficult to have a balanced diet, otherwise. I like to vary my diet though, as much as I can and I enjoy some vegan and gluten-free meals, whenever I can.
      Thanks Serena!! 🙂

  2. Same here. I think a less meat consumption is a very smart way to eat. We certainly enjoy this type of menu even though we are not vegans. Lately I have been leaning toward a vegetarian lifestyle once again. Your salad looks so fresh and crunchy, I love a crunchy salad…

    1. Thank you, darling! Yes, there are so many flavours and textures here 🙂 I have to say, I would prepare these recipes to my friends. Not only because they are healthy, but I think they are quite fun to share.

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