Food Photography : Apples On Blue Background


One week photo challenge : Photographing apples

Day 6

An apple comes from the local market, the other two come from a tree…Can you guess?

Note. Quite difficult to get the right balance with the colours here, because the predominant colour is blue, however I decided to use a light blue background because I quite liked the contrast with the red apples.


For this setup I used one diffused light from the right and a large white board on the left, to make the background lighter on one side. I also used a black board on the opposite side to partially darken the background. Then I edited in LM.


Nikon D800

Aperture f/ 11

Shutter speed 3 ”

Iso 100

I used a tripod

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6 thoughts on “Food Photography : Apples On Blue Background

      1. Generally speaking, wild apple trees wont grow apples as large as the first apple. I grew up in a very rural county in Michigan and have seen lots of wild apple trees.

      2. I know, I have seen lots of naturally and organically cultivated trees (and I mean completely) and the fruits don’t look at all like the stuff you buy from the local market and shops.

  1. Apples from the tree are so much more flavorful. When my children were young I went to Philmont Scout Ranch (Northern New Mexico) with the family around mid October. At one time (back on the 40s & 50s) the ranch had a wonderful apple orchard. Sadly, in the 90s very few of the trees were left. Nonetheless, when we were leaving, I noticed a couple of the remaining trees were loaded with apples. They weren’t the prettiest apples I had ever seen and were small but they were delicious – sweet, tart and full of flavor. So, with permission, I climbed one of the trees, they weren’t very tall, and harvested some of the apples – about 1 bushel. We drove back to DFW (2 day trip) and when we got to the house I made 2 of the best apple pies I have ever eaten in my life. It’s all about the quality of the ingredients.
    Love your photo but why isn’t it blue background on apples? 😉

    1. Yes, the quality of the ingredients is so important! The difference between what you get in the shops and the small (not so pretty but incredibly flavourful) apple from the tree…. really makes you think about what we generally eat. In my mum’s garden there is an old tree, it’s half the size it used to be, but after so many years still packed with small delicious apples…The smallest apple here comes from that tree. Anyway, isn’t it blue the background? Ok, light blue, but it was too long for the title 😉

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