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Food Photography : Apples On Blue Background


One week photo challenge : Photographing apples

Day 6

An apple comes from the local market, the other two come from a tree…Can you guess?

Note. Quite difficult to get the right balance with the colours here, because the predominant colour is blue, however I decided to use a light blue background because I quite liked the contrast with the red apples.


For this setup I used one diffused light from the right and a large white board on the left, to make the background lighter on one side. I also used a black board on the opposite side to partially darken the background. Then I edited in LM.


Nikon D800

Aperture f/ 11

Shutter speed 3 ”

Iso 100

I used a tripod

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Food Photography : Apple With Dark Background


One week photo challenge : Photographing apples

Day 5


A very simple photograph with a very simple setup, this time….Some subjects don’t need anything else. Here I used one light from the right and a small white card to bounce the light onto the edge of the fruit (on the left).


Nikon D 800

Iso 100

Shutter Speed 1/80 s

Aperture f/ 9

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