Traditional Recipe: Sicilian Almond Biscuits With Candied Cherries (Pasticcini Alle Mandorle)

These Sicilian biscuits (or small pastries) are gluten-free, dairy-free, delicious and very easy to prepare! It is better to use a piping bag to shape the biscuits, but if you don’t have one, you can roll out the dough with your hands to make small balls and then press them with your fingers, to obtain a cookie-like shape.


The dough needs, at least, 30 minutes of resting time, however they will taste even better if you leave them to rest in the fridge overnight. Traditionally, we garnish these biscuits with candied cherries or almonds, so if you want you can use both. Here I prepared some of these delicious pastries with my mother, I hope you enjoy the recipe!


Biscuits with almonds and candied cherries.

Preparation and cooking time: 25 minutes + resting time

Difficulty: Easy


For two oven trays

3 egg whites

80 g sugar

200 g almonds, shelled and finely chopped

candied cherries

a few drops of almond flavouring, or some orange zest (optional)



1. Grind the almonds with the sugar, using a food processor.


2. Combine the egg whites with the almond mixture and the flavourings, then put the dough in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.



3. Using a piping bag, shape the biscuits and then garnish with candied cherries.





4. Bake at 180 ° C (356° F) until golden.





Dolcetti alle mandorle con ciliegie candite.

Preparazione e cottura: 25 minutes + il riposo

Difficoltà : Facile


Per 2 teglie rettangolari di media grandezza.

3 chiari d’uova

80 g di zucchero

200 g di mandorle sgusciate e tritate finemente

ciliegie candite q. b.

1 qualche goccia di aroma di mandorle, oppure una scorretta di arancia tritata (facoltativo)


1. Tritate finemente le mandorle con lo zucchero.

2. Mescolate i chiari d’uova con le mandorle tritate, lo zucchero e gli aromi. Mettete il composto a riposare in frigorifero per almeno 30 minuti.

3. Usando il sac à poche, date la forma ai pasticcini (oppure formate delle palline e schiacciatele leggermente con le dita).

4. Guarnite i pasticcini con le ciliegie candite, poi infornate a 180° C fino ad ottenere dei dolcetti dorati.



20 thoughts on “Traditional Recipe: Sicilian Almond Biscuits With Candied Cherries (Pasticcini Alle Mandorle)

    1. I think they are very popular in many places, I don’t really know where they originally come from…Here we call them Sicilian pastries, because in Sicily almond trees are everywhere, so these sweets are very popular…But, originally, I think they probably come from warmer countries.

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